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i don’t entirely remember taking these photos of Mitts… but…

hey… it’s Mi(tts)kasa

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national zoo pygmy falcon.

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Bubu The Chinchilla 

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Don’t Be Sad, Look At These Baby Ducks

If you didn’t already know, baby ducks are pretty much precious little nuggets of joy. They have been clinically proven to cure depression and disease and all other problems because they are perfect.For now we will cure your sadness. In order to do so, you simply have to look at the following pictures of them. It’s an intense journey. Prepare yourself.

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went grocery shopping

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if you’re sad just watch this wolf gif. look at it.

who’s a huge big vicious apex predator?



Meow!!!! by Xiun.Lee on Flickr.

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best friend I ever had by Liis Klammer on Flickr.

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heres a better photo(:

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this feels vaguely salacious

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Obviously, it’s not that I don’t care about Ferguson, but

when people are bitching about people promoting ALS awareness and  research funding as if it’s at the cost of Ferguson, I do want to punch someone.

You know what else people don’t talk about enough? The situation in Syria and Iraq. Gaza. South Sudan.The Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Are people promoting ALS awareness doing it at the expense of those things too?

So ALS isn’t the most prominent issue on the map right now, no, but neither is polio — so should we not focus on the need for the last leg of its eradication campaign?

Saying these kinds things don’t make you more socially conscious. It just makes you look like a fair-weather TUMBLRSJWARRIOR who fails to see the big picture.

BTW: GAZA, SYRIA, IRAQ, SOUTH SUDAN, AND EBOLA IN WEST AFRICA. Believe it or not, there are other things happening right now that we also aren’t talking about :D ‘Murica is in turmoil, but so is the rest of the world. Or is the death of one American teenager somehow more note-worthy than the death of hundreds of Palestinian children?

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